CBCP Certification

DRII's CBCP certification is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated enterprise wide knowledge and skill in the business continuity/disaster recovery industry. Regular recertification requires an ongoing commitment to continuing education and industry activities.

If you have less than two years of industry experience, you should apply for the ABCP certification.


To apply for CBCP certification, you must:

  • Possess at least two years of significant, practical, enterpise wide experience in five of the Subject Areas of the Professional Practices for Business Continuity Planners, and focuses on your business continuity / disaster recovery planning responsibilities and accomplishments--not your position responsibilities or organizational accomplishments. - At least two of the five selected subject areas must include:
    • subject area #3: Business Impact Analysis;
    • subject area #4: Developing Business Continuity Strategies;
    • subject area #6: Developing and Implementing Business Continuity Plans; or
    • subject area #8: Maintaining and Exercising Business Continuity Plans.
    This enterprise wide experience must have occurred within a ten-year period from your application date.
    * Enterprise wide is defined as the development and implementation of a plan document to facilitate the resumption of critical business functions, (including, but not limited to, Human Resources, Facilities, Information Technology, Finance, Security, Engineering, and Sales and Marketing), in accordance with established formal and/or informal service level expectations. This enterprise wide planning process involves the coordination, prioritization, resource allocation, and implementation of critical business function strategies to resume normal operating capabilities.
  • Pass DRII's qualifying examination with a minimum score of 75%
  • Complete the Online Application for Professional Certification.
  • Tell your references about your application. Ask for their prompt assistance when DRII sends your Subject Area pages to them to substantiate your experience. Incomplete applications cause delays at this point in the process, and we may need to contact you for more information.
    Once your references have documented your enterprise wide experience, members of DRII's Certification Commission review your application. This review may also prompt the Certification Commission to contact you for more information.


This entire process can take several weeks. DRII will notify you when your application is approved. If approved, DRII will also notify you of your professional certification status and recertification period, and send you a professional certification card.

If not approved and you wish to re-apply, DRII can provide additional information on how to do so.


  • You must provide the names and contact information for at least two individuals who can document your enterprise wide experience in each Subject Area. You can also provide a third reference to save processing time in case DRII cannot obtain verification from the first two.
  • The total number of references you provide can be as few as two (if both references can attest to all your required Subject Areas), or many more (if different references are provided for each of your required Subject Areas).
  • List all the references you need to document your minimum two years of required enterprise wide experience. Some individuals will list several, while others may list only two. Just make sure that the references you select can verify a minimum of two (2) years of your enterprise wide business continuity experience.

NOTE:To review all FAQs and Information for Obtaining Certification, click here