Qualifying Exam


The qualifying exam is a 100 question, multiple-choice exam covering all of the Professional Practice areas.

The certification qualification exam tests your recall of:

  • technical terms, sources, and/or trends or sequences
  • classification categories
  • criterion for suitable/unsuitable methods
  • specific formulae
  • basic concepts and/or theories
You'll be tested on your:
  • understanding and interpretation of quantitative data
  • evaluation of external factors that render conclusions accurate or not
  • conclusions drawn from written statements
Your application and analytical skills are tested by:
  • recognizing assumptions in arguments and determining relevant vs. irrelevant statements
  • evaluating and assigning values and priorities to draw conclusions consistent with information or assumptions
  • assessing cause and effect relationships


To protect your privacy, DRII keeps your final exam score confidential; results will be provided to you only by email.


Recertification is the process of renewing a professionals CFCP, CBCP, or MBCP certification for each two-year certification period. These guidelines supplement and amplify DRI Internationals Recertification Policy and Procedures.

To be eligible for recertification, a professional must have met the following requirements:

  • Continued to comply with DRI Internationals Code of Ethics for Business Continuity Professionals
  • Paid all Annual Membership and Maintenance Fees
  • Obtained the minimum number of Continuing Education Activity Points required for recertification, as detailed in these Guidelines, and properly and timely notified DRI International of the acquired points.

As used in these guidelines, the terms DRI or DRII refer to DRI International or to the professionals DRI International Affiliate (such as DRI Singapore), as appropriate.


How do I submit my Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAPs)?
There is an online submission form in your MyDRI profile through which CEAPs can be submitted.

How do I know what qualifies for CEAPs?
There is a general guideline, called Schedule II, that contains point values for different activities. The Schedule II document can be found here


An exemption from re-certification fees and certification points may be granted by the Executive Director of DRI International when a Certified Professional reports they are not able to obtain the needed re-certification points due to unemployment or other extenuating circumstance. To qualify for this exemption, the Certified Professional must:

  1. Be current and in good standing.
  2. Submit a written request for a waiver of re-certification points and fees for a period of
    time not to exceed the duration of the certification period. This written request must contain the reason exemption is being requested. Upon positive review of the Professional's request for exemption, DRIIs Executive Director will allow the Professional to maintain their certification.

Upon positive review of the Professional's request for exemption, DRIIs Executive Director will allow the Professional to maintain their certification.

All past fees must be paid upon reinstatement of employment.

DRII will re-set the re-certification period to commence as if certification had been granted on the day of the Certified Professionals re-employment.


An essential element of the DRI Internationals Certification Program is the requirement for an individual to continue their professional education following certification. As part of the recertification process, the professional must demonstrate their willingness and commitment to furthering their skills in business continuity and contingency planning. This is accomplished through the accumulation of Continuing Education activities that are granted as points for qualifying activities.

These guidelines for recertification are designed to provide CFCPs, CBCPs, and MBCPs flexibility in obtaining the required continuing education activity points. Many types of activities can be used to meet this requirement and the current list is provided in the Education Activities Point Schedule, which is included as Schedule II of these guidelines. Schedule II also outlines the points allocated for the various activities and the maximum points allowed.

While the list of education activities in Schedule II is not all-inclusive, it describes the wide range of items that can be used for credit. Any educational experiences that further the professional skill and knowledge of the CFCP, CBCP, or MBCP may be acceptable to the DRII. Therefore, it is important that you submit information regarding those events to DRII for evaluation and approval.


A MBCP must earn 80 points over a two-year certification period. Of the 80 points total, at least 40 points must be earned in activities directly related to business continuity / disaster recovery planning (Group A); another 20 points, but no more than 20, may be earned in other educational activities that enhance the MBCPs overall professional skills, knowledge, and competency (Group B); and at least 10 points must be earned from activities that contribute to the enhancement of the profession such as serving as an officer or committee member of an industry information exchange group. The latter class of activities is described in Group C, Schedule I.

To assist the members with this process, DRI publishes a listing from time-to-time of those regularly reoccurring events that already have been approved for continuing education credit. A list of these approved events is provided in Schedule I.

Other activities will qualify for continuing education credit besides those specifically listed in Schedule I. The CFCP, CBCP, or MBCP should submit information in order for the Institute to determine if the event qualifies for continuing education credit and how many points should be granted.

The initial two-year recertification period for CFCPs or CBCPs starts on January 1 of the year following certification. However, during the first recertification period only, the CFCP or CBCP may apply any continuing education activity Points earned from their date of certification until their official beginning date of January 1. For example, if an individual is certified on February 15, 2010, their recertification period starts on January 1, 2012. Any credits earned after the professionals February 15, 2010 initial certification date will apply toward their first recertification.


If a certain activity is not listed on the current list of these events in Schedule I, it does not mean that credit will not be granted. However, those events or activities not already approved require additional documentation in order to justify the enhancement of professional skills and their relationship to business continuity planning.

Approval for additional events can be obtained by submitting a request and the required supporting information to DRI International. That information will be reviewed using guidelines established by the Certification Commission, and a decision will be rendered on the applicability of that particular event.

Requests to have an event approved for continuing education credit must include the following information, as applicable:
  • A copy of the course syllabus, seminar outline, or conference agenda.
  • A copy of the learning objectives [if applicable].
  • An instructor or speaker biography [biographies are usually part of the conference agenda; if not, they should be included separately].


Individuals may be required to submit evidence of attendance with all requests for continuing education credit. The evidence can include transcripts of courses, certificates of attendance, copies of an official meeting roster or meeting minutes, or a receipt/copy of an individuals conference registration.


DRI will record all continuing education credit earned from the documentation submitted by the members. Annual status reports will be sent to all CFCPs, CBCPs, and MBCPs.

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